Alcoholics Anonymous in English  
Two meetings a week in Patzcuaro and one in Morelia: 

The Net is an open discussion meeting 
Fridays at noon, around the dining table 
Hotel Casa Encantada
Dr. Coss #15

Mondays at 6pm - Big Book meeting
Lupita’s Restaurant
Cuesta de Don Vasco de Quiroga 12

Wednesday - Bilingual meeting 6:30 pm to 8 pm - 
Calle Revolución #484 
Alcoholics Anonymous 
around Lake Patzcuaro
and Mexico
Alcoholic Anonymous Patzcuaro
Mondays at 6pm
Lupita's Restaurant (upstairs)
Cuesta de Don Vasco de Quiroga #12
The Net
AA in Patzcuaro 
Fridays at noon
Casa Encantada Hotel
#15 Dr. Coss
The NET catches those who need help!
Wednesday - Bilingual 6:30 pm to 8 pm 
Calle Revolución 484 
Three meetings a week in Guanajuato
Alcoholics Anonymous = Thursdays - 5pm to 6pm
Contact: Nina = 473-732-5558(Mex#)  Jeff = 503-464-6929 (USA#)
Al-Anon = Saturdays - 11am to 12 noon
Contact Agota 473-114-3315
Overeaters Anonymous = Tuesdays 1pm to 2pm
Contact Jacquie