CREFAL, the heart of Patzcuaro 
CREFAL at Kópikwa Plaza, is not only in the heart of Patzcuaro, it is the heart of Patzcuaro. Half a block from the Plaza Grande, CREFAL is the cultural center of this magical village and the center of Patzcuaro’s Art District. It was started in 1950 by joint effort with the United Nations, UNESCO, the Mexican government and continued today as CREFAL. 
Today, CREFAL focuses on the arts and education with workshops, an extensive book store (soon to have English selections) and a gallery with changing exhibitions. The current show is student arts and crafts, including a large display of masks and multi-medium pictures.  
The hours are 11am to 6pm daily. Besides the gallery and book store, the cafe offers coffee, snacks, and drinks.
The current exhibition at CREFAL: