Sahuayo is a city in the state of Michoacán, in western México, near the southern shore of Lake Chapala. It serves as the municipal seat for the surrounding municipality of the same name. Sahuayo is an important center for industry and is center of commerce for the Chapala lake region, specialising in crafts, sandals (huaraches), hats (sombreros) which are made by Sahuayenses. It is home to the largest huarache in the world measuring 7.45 meters long and 3.09 meters wide. The name means "turtle shaped pot" it has been called the Athens of Michoacán because of the number of important poets, writers and painters residing there. It is currently the seat for Arts Propositions Association. In 2005 the census population was 59,316, with the municipality being 61,965. The size of the municipality is 128.05 km² (49.44 sq mi).

The celebration each July 25 of El Patrón Santiago or Saint James the Great, where individuals craft beautiful masks, throw a festival with music and dancing, and depict the battles between the Spanish and the indigenous peoples, and the dancing Tlahualiles (wearers of the masks and traditional garments) are internationally recognized. 
Tlahualiles: The Glorious Masks of Sahuayo