Morelia-Airport Cuota

Cuota from Morelia to the Airport is OPEN! 
Do not take the Salamanca Hiway to the airport and expect to find the new quota.  Take the exit before it to Charo. There wasn't a sign.   At Ciudad Industrial on the NE curve of the Libramiento, also known as Camelinas, take the Charo exit,  at the huge glass fronted Bankcomer building. The bank is on your right.   From Camelinas it is roughly 20-25 minutes to the airport. Toll is now 31 pesos.

After you go past Ciudad Industrial, go about 3 kms more and there is a left hand turnoff that goes down under an overpass. It is not very well marked and most people go to the right here which will lead you up to the new fairgrounds (feria). I think there is a white banner hanging from the overpass saying "aeropuerto" road, old ways.

Turn left when you come out of the airport for the cuota back to Morelia.  The cuota starts a short distance down the road.