Driving NORTH, into Saltillo
Departing Matehuala, through town or on the bypass quota, start noticing road signs for Saltillo.   Do not take first Saltillo Libre exit.  
Enter CUOTA and pay.  
Follow signs to Saltillo on cuota. Before the next quota,  at Pemex, 
exit to the left on Saltillo Libre towards Zacatecas and Torreon.
Travel through sparse, industrial area and begin seeing hotels.  
At the statue in middle of road, move to right lane.  
Just pass 7-eleven, notice sign on right for FRACCISCO COSS and veer right.  
Continue over 4-lane street from Monterrey, with VIPS on right corner
 and notice on left side, a large building with statues, the Hall of Congress.  
In 1.5 miles, notice large sign for Alvaro Obregón and turn left.  
In 3/4 mile, and 2 stop lights, notice a sign on left for HOTEL Colonial Alameda. 
Turn left and stop at lobby of Hotel Colonial Alameda.  
Rates are $620p, but they always have special for $550p.
Reservations are usually not required, except probably on holidays 
and some week ends.  I’ve never needed them! 

Driving SOUTH, into Saltillo
From Monterrey, stay on quota and follow signs into Saltillo Libre, which turns in Allende Street, the main road into town.  Stay on Allende for City Center or exit to service road and turn right at VIPS on Alvaro Obregón  and follow instructions for Hotel  Colonial Alameda. 
Or, turn left on Alvaro Obregón for road out of town to Matehuala. 

email me
Hotel Colonial Alameda 
Obregon 222
Saltillo, Mexico
One block from Alameda Zaragoza (Central Park)
ph#011-52-844-410-0088 = from USA
ph#01-844-410-0088 = from Mexico
ph#410-0088 =from Saltillo
Rates are $620p, 2 beds,  but they always have special for $550p.

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