San Miguel to Morelia and Patzcuaro

Cuota is Open!
San Miguel de Allende to Morelia and Patzcuaro
The new Salamanca/Morelia cuota is fast, 
with very clean XOXO-type stores and immaculate restrooms.  
There are NO Pemex Gas Stations, so gas-up before you leave. 
Leave San Miguel  to the south on Hiway #81, towards Comonfort and Celaya, about 50km or 31 miles.  Before Celaya, notice the 4/6-lane Cuota and turn right before the overpass of Highway 45, at sign towards "Irapuato" or Salamanca.  
If you drive into Celaya, you missed the turn.  
Continue driving on the Queretero/Salamanca/Irapuarto cuota to the west.   
 Four (4) kilometers before Salamanca, at highway marker, 77K,  
 take the new cuota to Morelia, marked Morelia - Ixtapa.
You are now on the new section of the Morelia Cuota. 
New cuota by-passes Valle de Santiago and goes around Moroleon.  
As you drive the long bridge across Laguna Cuitzeo, 
notice the old "Libre" highway towards the east.  
As you leave the Bridge, you approach the Autopista from Mexico City to Guadalajara, with Morelia straight ahead.  
Continue straight over the Cuota towards Morelia. 
If going to Patzcuaro, continue towards Morelia and turn right at the 4/6 lane Periferico. Drive half way around Morelia and exit at small, low right,  sign marked Patzcuaro.  Drive one-half-way (horrible traffic) around Morelia and exit to the right at impossible-to-see sign marked Patzcuaro. It’s an old sign,  about 10 feet above the road and on the upper right.  
Patzcuaro exit is about 4-Km past the Quirego exit.  
Continue towards Patzcuaro, about 50km or 31 miles, with Pemex Stations. 
PS  The town of Cuitzeo, on the left side as you approach Lake Cuitzeo, has a newly remolded Cathedral, plus several lakeside restaurants, making a nice stop either way. If you eat at one of the restaurants, please let me know. 
Feliz viaje