Laredo to Nuevo Laredo
Laredo to Nuevo Laredo on Interstate 35
As you approach Laredo, Texas, notice there are 2 International Bridges to Mexico,  No.1 and No. 2.   I prefer Bridge #2.  
Auto and Travel permits are on the road below the 2 bridges. 
Notice in the photo and  on map below, the right turn for bridge number 1, about 4 blocks before the border, at the sign “Tourist Bridge.”  Then, drive about 5 or 6 blocks to Convent Ave, turn left and cross the bridge. Follow signs for permits, Monterrey or your destination. 
Bridge No. 2 is at the end of Interstate 35.  Where I-35 ends, drive slowly through the auto check points,  stop and pay US toll. Cross the bridge and pass into Mexico.  As you are being waved past the guards, merge left and go to end of street.  Be careful of the cross streets, but after a mile or so, the by-pass is seen and you must turn right.  
U-turn at the next light to go back towards the bridge to get papers.  

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Right hand turn at arrow for Tourist Bridge #1 ----->
Crossing Bridge #2,  into Nuevo Laredo, turn left at the money exchange, drive a mile or so to the end of the road, turn right, drive to stop light, and make U-Turn for Auto Permit and Tourist card.  Turn left through the security gates. 
If you have your permits,  continue to the right, around N. Laredo to the Monterrey highway.  At large overpass, go under and turn left. 
Nuevo Laredo
If you got your papers at any of the Mexican Consulates in the USA, after you must turn right, continue on the 4-lane road.  Don’t speed as you circle around the outskirts of Nuevo Laredo.  Soon, notice a major overpass with stoplights, people selling things, dudes trying to wash your windows and sign to MONTERREY.  Merge left, go under the overpass, turn left and merge onto the road to Monterrey and into Mexico. In 18 miles is the stop-point, but it’s often abandoned. Soon there will be a choice of QUOTA (toll road) or LIBRE (free road). Merge left onto the quota and relax.  The rest is a breeze.  

Bridge #1
Bridge #2
Auto and travel permits
Laredo by-pass to Monterrey ---->