Queretaro to Morelia!

New Autopista Open!
Have plenty of GAS!
Queretaro to Morelia, Patzcuaro, Uruapan, Beaches:
There is a new route from Queretaro to Morelia
 by way of the new Salamanca Quota. 
Friends went from home in Patzcuaro 
to the toll booth in Queretaro in 2.3 hrs. 
Going South, after San Luis Potosi, keep driving forward and skip the Queretaro bypass to Mexico City. Get in the right hand lane when you see the huge overpass.  If you are hungry, slow down because on the right, is the seafood restaurant.  Entrance is nearly under the overpass.  Sea food is really good and service is very snappy. I wasn’t hungry and had three shrimp tacos. 
Loved them! Great service, too! 

New by-pass around Queretaro
When you have eaten, turn right out of the parking lot, south,  towards Queretaro and on the 4 to 6 lane road into Queretaro. A few miles further, exit at new by-pass, route #45,  marked CELAYA and follow signs to Celaya.  Watch for major speed bumps.   Turn right at Salamanca Quota, towards Irapuato.  Four (4) kilometers before Salamanca, at highway marker, 77K,   
take the new quota to Morelia, marked Morelia - Ixtapa.

New quota by-passes Valle de Santiago and goes around Moroleon.  As you cross the long bridge across Laguna Cuitzeo, notice the old "Libre" towards the east.  Approaching the Autopista from Mexico City to Guadalajara, follow signs towards Morelia.  
In Morelia, notice overpass with signage, PATZCUARO, and exit to the right.  Continue halfway around Morelia on the Periferico. 
The Patzcuaro exit to the right is difficult to see, 
but exit is about 4-Km past the Quirego exit. 
Follow signs to where you are going.
Just before Patzcuaro, notice the left exit to Uruapan. And, Just before Uruapan, take exit south, toward the beaches. 

A friend wrote:  The new Salamanca quota is fast, and, as of November, 2009, there are new XOXO, Pemex gas station and snack shop at the 
Caseta de Cobros (toll booths.)
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