Alternative Fair

Dear fans of Alternative Fair, Every first Sunday of the month, we will be celebrating our Alternative Fair.  
We open at 11 am so you can enjoy our wide range of natural, organic and handmade products!
The Alternative Fair is not only a space but also responsible consumption of cultural diffusion, it is attached for the cultural program on Sunday and sketch of location.
Best regards and see you on Sunday Uranden! 
First Sunday Alternative Fair
is located at the Uranden muelle, a few miles from Patzcuaro.  Take the road around the Lake towards Eronga and Arocutin. Once you have totally left Patzcuaro, it's one of the first right turns, just before a big tree. I think it's labeled "Eranden muelle" (boat dock). That road curves around for about a mile and you will notice a building, sort of an open exhibition area, on the other side of an inlet. Park there, or drive past the inlet and park. The market is visible. 
Hours vary, but usually open from about 11am to 2pm.
A combi from below CREFAL will stop at the Eranden road 
and walk the mile or so to the fair. 
One hint: I go there to eat. Feliz viaje, David 
Zirahuen Sewing Group will be selling embroideries

First ​Sunday of the month
Sunday,  May 5, 2024
10-11am to 1-2pm 
(mas o menos)
Primer Domingo del Mes
Emilio Villagomez Ale
Directions to La Feria in Urandén
Eronga --> Urandén:
Pátzcuaro --> Urandén:

In Pátzcuaro, combis leave from the NE corner of the Plaza Chica across from the Biblioteca.
Look for the Urandén sign on the combi windshield, or ask folks waiting.