Many think Las Palmas is the best place to stay in Matehuala. Traveling south, stay on the LIBRE and it's on the left, about a few miles into town.   The rooms are clean and comfortable, with a motel/cabin type atmosphere. The grounds are always immacluate, and the service is top notch. The mini-golf course is a little like a painted piece of concrete in the desert, and I have yet to venture off into the 1700M walking/biking trail. They do have a bike rental if want to try it, and the pool is large and always looks fairly clean. The restaurant is really quite nice, and not to expensive. Mexican eggs and hotcakes are the best anywhere. The head waiter Roberto gives top notch service. The only drawbacks are the Air Conditioning units even though outside, are a little noisy, and the endless stream of trucks on the NAFTA highway means you'll never have total quiet.  Secure parking at your room. Their rooms are not cheap with prices from $800p to $900p, including taxes.  They still have the sign "No Mascotes,"  but it is not an issue.  Ask for a "discuento,"  waving to the rooms on the left and they will take 100 pesos off the room.

Oasis Motel 
Oasis is a nice, mid-range motel. Really good and clean. Recommended.

Hotel Sol y Luna
A basic, clean and inexpensive with a courtyard in back, with lots of room for parking.  Going south, hotel is on the right, across the highway from Las Palmas, on a service road, parallel to Rte 57, on the way out of town.  It's just down from Las Sevillanas, with excellent pierna tortas.  Several friends have recommended this hotel.   A double was $28US for the night.
Another friend thought it was a little thread-worn, but clean.  The "penthouse suite" has a bathtub for long soaks. There is traffic noise, so take earplugs. The owners lovingly accept animals. 

Hotel del Parque
Bocanegra 232
at the corner López Rayón,
Downtown, C.P. 78700,
Matehuala, San Luis Potosí, México

Hotel del Parque is a high-rise hotel in the center of downtown Matehuala and others think it is the best hotel in town.  VERY nice, clean, secure, and much more reasonable than Las Palmas. Restaurant Los Nogales is open from 6:30am to 11pm.  The food there wasn't 5 star, but adequit.  Gated, underground parking was extremely secure.

There is also a new hot-sheet hotel on the north side of town, same side as Los Palmas, if you need absolute security.  This hotel is new, but empty, so rates are reasonable.  Security is the word.  Besides the mirrors on the ceiling, the only issue is not having double beds.

Sante Fe
I've also had a couple of pretty good meals in a downtown restaurant, The Santa Fe, Morelos 709, on Plaza de Armas.  Most locals will tell you it’s the best restaurant in town. Not four-star by any means, but very popular.

The Palms Motel restaurant 
Lots of choices, including a daily special of cabrito.  Try their cactus salad apetizer.  The Arracheras were the best ever.  I like the Chicken Fajitas.   There is a full bar with bow-tied waiters.   

Nori Restaurant
This is a well-known, popular, cabrito restaurant is across the highway from the Palms. 

The Sevillanas Candy Factory just down from Hotel Luna y Sol and has excellent pierna tortas.  They have delicious cajeta candy and tortas to die for, especially the pork loin torta.   There candies are like the best ever, especially the cajeta between two white communion looking wafers and the  Natilla, cajeta with nut in center.  
There are two outlets on the by pass around Matehula, both with nice bathroooms. The original factory, store and restaurant are the main road through town, on the south side,  down by the bus station, about a mile from the southern by-pass.
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Matehuala is in the state of San Luis Potosí, in northeastern Mexico. It is situated on the interior plateau, 5,955 feet (1,815 m) above sea level, in the Salado Valley, east of the Sierra del Catorce.  Maguey is grown for the liquor and fibres.  Some corn is cultivated in the area, but it is primarily a mining (gold, silver, lead, and copper) and industrial (large copper smelters) center. There are leather tanneries. 
Las Palmas Midway Inn
The popular Hotel Capri is behind the second Pemex station on the right,  on the north side of town, as you arrive from N. Laredo.   It is an old style motor court, with the rooms behind the reception area, and arranged around a pool and garden. You can park your car in front of your own room. There is security on premises at night.
The front desk is very helpful. The hotel is really a motel.  It is clean and the plumbing works. There is a television for which we were issued a remote control.   I have not used the dining room there, but there is one. The price was very moderate, about $300 for single and $350p for double occupancy. 
For budget minded travelers, or someone who just wants to sleep and save a few bucks,  the Capri isa great place to stay is Matehuala.  The by-pass is really short and you don't lose much time by going through town, to the hotels.  
Hotel Capri 
The Sevillanas Candy Factory has every kind of Mexican candy imaginable, including delicious cajeta candy.  Plus, a large selection of local cheeses. However, they seem to be know for their delicious tortas, sandwiches.   Try the pork loin torta. There are two outlets on the by pass around Matehuala with the same tortas and immaculate restrooms.  The candy factory and original store, with restaurant, are down by the bus station and Arch, as you go south, out of town.