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 Friends of the Library 
The Friends of the Library Committee was formed in April 2008 to address the needs and concerns of the Gertrudis Bocanegra Biblioteca. This open membership group is committed to involve Mexicanos and Norte Americanos who wish to supplement the provisions of the government.
There has been wonderful support in the past from individuals donating chairs, books, and items for the library to sale including DVDs and bookmarks. 
Los Amigos de la Biblioteca will have their next book sale Wednesday on March 12, 2014
from 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm at Lupita Trattoria.
Lupita's is located on Cuesta Vasco de Quiroga #5, on the right of the street going uphill from the Plaza Grande to the Folk Art Museum. The restaurant is normally closed on Wednesdays and is opening especially for the book sale. There will be approximately a jillion books for sale along with a tremendous selection of videotapes, and dozens of books on cassette.
For more information, contact Miles & Bekky 
Biblioteca Gertrudis Bocanegra
Biblioteca Gertrudis Bocanegra, Pátzcuaro’s Library, is located on the north side of Plaza Chica or Plaza Bocanegra. The library occupies a 16th-century former San Agustin church.  Juan O’Gorman’s majestic and colorful mural covers the back wall, depicting Michoacán’s history from pre-Hispanic times to the 1910 revolution.  
Phone #434-342-5441
Friends of the Library at a volunteer work day.
Benefit Gala

Night of the Dead around Lake Patzcuaro 
Photo by Tracy Novinger
La Historia de Michoacan 
by Juan O'Gorman

This Fresco mural is the back wall of La Biblioteca at the Ex-Convento de San Agustine. 

Photo by 
Enrique Diazruanova 
for the 
Friends of the Library. 
Calle Padre Lloreda
Patzcuaro, Michoacan
This O'Gorman mural photo has been reproduced on postcards which are now on sale for 5 pesos, at the library. 
La Historia de Michoacan 
MISTONGO Restaurente - Oct 12, 2008
MISTONGO Restaurente - Oct 12, 2008
MISTONGO Restaurente - Oct 12, 2008
Biblioteca Gertrudis Bocanegra
Calle Padre Lloreda (looking east) (1930's)
Calle Padre Lloreda (looking west) (1940's)
Tracy Novinger has produced a DVD from Night of the Dead in Patzcuaro. 

The public library on Plaza Chica in Pátzcuaro has for sale a DVD slideshow of Noche de Muertos photos set to Purhépecha music. These DVDs cost Pesos $80 each and are a delight to watch over a cup of Mexican hot chocolate, sitting cozily in front of your television. They also make unique gifts for family and friends. Buy one or several now, before the price goes up. 
One hundred percent of the proceeds of sale benefit the library.
Photo by Tracy Novinger
Glen and Tracy loading books 
in Austin, Tx for the  Book Sale!
Miles and Bekky Thompson
Biblioteca Workday
September 19, 2009
 Katherine Masotti, Patzcuaro resident  and artist, perusing the newly updated  English language books at the library. 
<Bibliotece Gertrudis Bocanegro
Library hours: 
9:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday - Friday 
10:00 am - 1:00 pm on Saturday 
The English section is located at Lupita's Restaurant on Cuesta Vasco de Quiroga #5 in Patzcuaro! (on block to the right of location on map)
Procedure for donating books:
The Friends of the Library would like to thank the generosity of people who have donated time, books and energy.  
All donated items to the Biblioteca are utilized and greatly appreciated. Because of the many issues involved, the library can not guarantee to place all donated books into the library shelves.  This is due to shelf-space, duplicate copies, and condition of the books, among other things. There are also book sales, auctions and various fund raising events throughout the year were all donations are used.
Books, DVD’s and other items can be brought to the Biblioteca.   There are boxes for donations.  You can also email Miles and Bek at:  and they can make arrangements to pick-up the donations.
Please remember that all donated items are used, but not necessarily placed on the shelves. 

Thank you again from the Friends of the Library.