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Lake Patzcuaro Activities 

Organic Market in Morelia
Saturdays from 11am to 5pm

Calle Francisco Gonzalez Leon #78,
corner of Juan de Dios Peza 
Santa Maria de Guido, Morelia
Buen Provecho Market 
Every Friday - Patzcuaro
11:00am to  1:30pm 

DR. COS 40 
Pottery and Flower Market 
every Friday morning 
9am to 2pm

Plaza San Francisco 

The Friends of Cerro Blanco had their weekly, Saturday morning meeting and over a dozen walkers were present. This time, for a change,  we met at Joe Kelleher’s home, atop Vistas del Sol. His home seemed at the top of the world, but we walked uphill from there. 
Joe opened the meeting by serving coffee and delicious corn bread. We filled our water bottles, adjusted our hats, and discussed the upcoming 90-minute walk.   This one would be a non-strenuous hike, with a gradual incline and gran vistas of Lake Patzcuaro.  
We quickly left the cobblestone road and followed a path to the ancient road to Cuanajo. The rutted, remnants of the road wiggled around arroyos, providing a short-cut, as the crow flies, from village to village. We followed gnarled trees to the top, and to everyone’s surprise, discovered huge fields of cosmos, this late in the season, draped in front of us. It was candy for the eyes.  
Also seen were fields of avocado trees, looking small and puny. Cruz, whose family helped reforest Cerro Blanco after the tragic clear-cutting by lumber companies in the 1940’s, said the avocado trees were actually 5 years old and would be producing in another 5 years. Cruz is our local expert and attends all the walks. Have a question? ask Cruz. 
We easily crawled under sagging barbwire fences, shimmied over rock walls and traipsed through herds of goats, sheep and cows, keeping an eye on the pie.  
I forgot to mention something very important about our walk: the VIEWS. Not only did Patzcuaro valley  look like a small mountain village, we were looking down at Cerro Blanco and looking way down at El Estribo. It was a clear day and we could see forever. 
The meeting ended with Joe distributing more cornbread to sustain us as we returned to reality. We discussed the next Saturday morning meeting. Announcements in the forum will be forthcoming, so I am not going to say a word about it. 
Except, the walk will be on Cerro Blanco, with another crow-flies walk over the mountains and thru the woods to yet a different Lake Patzcuaro village, ending at the world famous Camino Real Restaurante for breakfast. 
AND, if this doesn’t get you putting on your walking shoes, nothing will. What if I told you the next walk involves a mystery tunnel under the Morelia/Patzcuaro carretera?  
See you on the trails. 
Feliz caminar, David
Friends of Cerro Blanco
Photo by Howie Peterson
Photo by Howie Peterson
The Friends of Cerro Blanco meets Saturday mornings at 9am 
at the Basilica Plaza in Patzcuaro.
For more info &  exact location, join
Plaza Chica in Patzcuaro.
Alcoholics Anonymous  
Big Book Meeting​
Mondays at 6pm 
Lupita’s Restaurant
Cuesta de Don Vasco de Quiroga 12
Men's Breakfast 
In Patzcuaro on Tuesday mornings
(contact Richard Montoya for times & location) <>

La Jacaranda 
Calle Dr. Coss #4
Women's Luncheon  
Lupitas in Patzcuaro
Tuesday afternoon at 1pm