The overpopulation of dogs and cats is a serious problem around Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan in Mexico. There are several groups helping, but they need donations. 
This fund will help this urgent issue and support these groups:

Amigos que Dejan Huella Pátzcuaro, Friends who Leave their Mark in Pátzcuaro, is a group of people helping street puppies in Pátzcuaro. You can support by donating to help the puppies we have in temporary homes or adopting.
Spay Lake Patzcuaro
Call La Joya Vet 434-169-3402 in Patzcuaro to get a very low cost Sterilization for your pet or for a friend's pet.
$250 to $550 pesos depending on weight.

Auxiliando Animales (AuxAn) is a volunteer organization dedicated to sterilizing and supporting dogs and cats in Patzcuaro and surrounding communities. Our mission is to reduce animal overpopulation and suffering.

We care about our community and its citizens. By helping improve the safety, health, and quality of life for our area’s cats and dogs, we also enhance the safety, health, and quality of life for our community’s citizens.

We achieve our mission by raising funds to directly finance sterilizations, by making grants for related special projects, and by forming working alliances with other animal welfare organizations.
Sterilization Campaign

The Auxiliando Animales Sterilization program, in conjunction with Veterinaria La Joya and co-ordinating with Amigos Que Dejan Huella has sterilized nearly 2000 dogs and cats since January 2017. This campaign helps to pay for medication and disposables, while the client pays a discounted fee for the surgery.

We sterilize about 100 animals a month. To continue sterilizations at this pace, we need roughly $1500 USD per month. Even your small donation can go a long way to end animal suffering in the Lake Pátzcuaro region. For example, 300 donors giving only $5 a month, or 100 donors giving just $15 a month would meet our needs! Then we can move on to even bigger numbers for sterilization, or we can help fund hospitalization and veterinary care for rescued street dogs.
It’s now easier than ever to help Auxiliando Animales! You can donate via PayPal from near or far, or give in small monthly donations. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay with a credit card.