Volcano Paricutin Postcards

Born at 5:30pm on 
February  20, 1943 
in the village of 
Paricutin. Photo taken 
by Chavez Ruiz on 
February 28, 1943." 

Earliest known postcard of  Paricutin Volcano, 
taken on day 2 of the eruption:
"Tomada el 2 dia de su Nacimiento" 
The above postcard is interesting since the volcano is nearly full-grown, but the lava has not started flowing.  The surrounding trees show that no vegetation has been destroyed, but that is about to quickly change. 
Parangaricutiro:  In the middle of photo, surrounding the church and blocking the street, is a black wall of lava oozing toward the church. Notice all wood from church and village is being removed, as the town is slowly covered with lava.
Closer to the volcano, this base camp is being evacuated as the tianguis, food stalls and autos are being surrounded by smoldering lava.
Paricutin - 1985
View from Uruapan
View from Parangaricutiro
Dionisio Pulido, owner of the property where the Paricutin volcano was born.
The lava has nearly surrounded the church. 
All wood is being removed from the church and has been evacuated.  
The church had been completed, except for the second tower.  
The volcanic ash was covering everything, but still no lava. 
The first tourists. 
The church was partially covered in lava, but the village was not so fortunate. 
Five months after the first eruption.  
One year and 3 days later.
Paricutin - 1943