This page was last updated: April 19, 2021
Tiendita Verde

A few of the delicious treats in the Ala Cocina!
Tiendita Verde
Napizaro 10, Patzcuaro
Cel #434.114.8524
I finally visited Tiendita Verde and met the charming Elena. The store was closed, since it was Tuesday, but Elena gave me a tour. She said, someone is there on Tuesday if you need something, but the baked and prepared goods are not available. 
Elena is delightful. I asked how she learned such good English and she replied, "I wanted to speak it and decided to learn it." 
Tiendita Verde is her place, full of her energy and her excitement. Enjoy this new shopping experience in Patzcuaro.  

Directions to Tiendita Verde - At the bottom of Lazaro Cardenas go past the Pemex, left across the railroad tracks and veer left (there's a large school on the left).  Tiendita Verde is in middle of a long block, on the right side of Napizaro.  Open Tuesday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm.  
Closed Monday * Happy Hour Friday
On a Saturday in May,  this is what Elana picked from her garden and for sale at Tiendita Verde.  
Yes, those are fresh artichokes. 

Pan relleno de verduras, quesos, tocino y huevo 
HAPPY HOUR this FRIDAY at Tiendita Verde

Deliciosos desayunos en tu Tiendita, como: copa de yoghurt natural orgánico con cáñamo (hemp hearts) y miel; Pan Francés ( en bagel) con crema batida y fresas;Huevos ponchados: 2 huevos estrellados adentro de un pan de caja, acompañado de tocino y papas a la crema; aporreadillo de setas; variedad en omelettes: Omelette Serrano: jamón Serrano, queso de cabra, arugula y aceitunas; Omelette de Salmón: queso crema, 
cebolla morada y alcaparras; 
Omelette veggie y más!