Birthplace of Patzcuaro

The Birthplace of Patzcuaro
Up the hill from the Plaza Grande, at the beginning of Alcantarillas on Larin, south of the Basilica, is thought to be the birthplace of Patzcuaro.  
Located between the Folk Art Museum and the ex-Colegio, the commemorative statue is on the site of the original spring and where Patzcuaro was founded. There are at least a handful of springs on the ridge running between Lerin and Dr. Cos.  
Depending upon who is telling the story, some say the Purépecha leader struck his staff in this location and up came water. Others say that Father Quiroga did the same thing in 1540.
Rick Davis, of Galeria el Manantial, or Gallery the Spring, in front of the statue, believes the monument was erected by Lazaro Cardenas. The actual historic spring is located at left, against the building and back further. You can still look down and see the steps going down and a beautiful old cantera conch to the side and below ground level.