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take notes, request business cards at restaurants/hotels and wash your hands!
Austin is a great stop-over.  The Mexican Consulate is located on Neches at 9th Street. Click here for link to Austin
Birding at El Estribo on Lake Patzcuaro
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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness.
   Mark Twain

"He upon whose heart the dust 
of Mexico has lain, 
will find no peace 
in any other land." 

Malcom Lowry, Under the Volcano 
Patzcuaro is a colonial town and municipality located in highlands of central Michoacan. The town was founded sometime in the 1320s, at first becoming the capital of the Tarascan state and later its ceremonial center. After the Spanish took over, Vasco de Quiroga worked to make Patzcuaro the capital of the New Spain province of Michoacan, but after his death, the capital would be moved to nearby Valladolid (today Morelia). Patzcuaro has retained its colonial and indigenous character since then, and has been named both a "Pueblo Magico" and one of the 100 Historic World Treasure Cities by the United Nations.  
Patzcuaro and the Lake region have an 7,200 feet elevation, with rainy, green summers, blooming flowers in Fall and crisp, dry, mountain air all winter. 
ex-Colegio,  2012
Noche de Muertos around Lake Patzcuaro
Post card from 1935
Michoacan is Magical 
Ichán, Michoacan 
Postcard of Patzcuaro from about 1890's